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I firmly believe that every individual has a unique voice and message. My passion lies in helping that to be heard.

With each client, I embark on a collaborative journey,  working closely to amplify their voice, strengthen their message, and polish their work.

Through meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, I help my clients build confidence and skills  to share their work with the world. Whether it’s a captivating story, an academic paper that stands out from the rest, or a persuasive business document you’re after, I am dedicated to helping your words shine.

To meet the diverse needs of my clients, I often collaborate with a small and trusted circle of colleagues.

Benefits you can expect from working with me:

  • Confidentiality: I will respect your intellectual property, copyright, and privacy.
  • Human Touch: AI can be a valuable research assistant, but your work will never be delegated to automated tools or AI.
  • Tailored Solutions: Receive personalised service to meet your specific needs.
  • Polished & Professional: Eliminate errors and inconsistencies as far as possible.
  • Precision & Impact: Captivate your audience with the right words in the appropriate style and tone.
  • Confidence & Credibility: Feel empowered knowing your writing is the best it can be.

Editing Services


Enhance flow, clarity, and style at sentence and paragraph level or dive deeper into document structure. Depending on your goals, I provide relevant feedback, coaching and/or collaborative writing to help you strengthen your work .

Business & Marketing Materials

Communicate effectively and achieve your business goals with clear, concise and persuasive writing. I’ll edit your proposals, reports, emails, and marketing materials for maximum impact.

Academic Editing

Receive expert support to ensure your academic writing is polished and error-free. I’ll help you meet the high standards required of research papers, essays, and dissertations.


Once editing is finalised, a proofread ensures the document is error-free, covering grammar, punctuation and spelling. It excludes formatting unless specifically requested.


What my clients say

‪Lana worked on a research project with the goal of producing a book on the maritime heritage of Southern Africa. She diligently applied her mind to researching and writing on a subject outside of her normal field – myths and legends around water. 

The chapter was very well written and thoroughly researched. Her ability to write an easily accessible text on a complicated subject was invaluable. In addition, Lana worked on editing the rest of the book, which included contributions from several academics within the historical and archaeological fields.‬ 

Vanessa Maitland

Contract Maritime Archaeologist‬, African Centre for Heritage Activities

It is with pleasure that I recommend Lana Hunneyball for any editing or formatting work. I have worked with Lana for the past 25 year on various projects and have always been delighted in the quality of work and the consistency she produces.‬ 

‪I have contracted Lana to do a wide range of projects. They include the development of 36 training modules in a wide range of business topics, various training and induction materials, and academic and ad hoc editorial work. Lana is detail-orientated, her English usage and editorial ability exceptional, and she reads with real insight, picking up contextual as well as content issues.‬ 

‪Lana works quickly and with passion. I would recommend her for any work associated with editing and development.‬ 

Charles du Toit

Charles du Toit & Associates

‪Lana did an incredible job on my master’s thesis. Not only did she fix grammar and sentence structure issues, she ensured that my research was structured in a logical way and that my ideas were conveyed in a concise manner.

10/10, would recommend!

Jacques Welgemoed

Doctoral Student, Nelson Mandela University Department of Mechatronics

Lana is a legend with words! I couldn’t do without her. Having just completed my third book, I relied heavily on both her technical English skills (boy, did she give me what-for when it came to the 73rd incorrectly placed comma) and her brilliant capacity to make sentences, concepts and arguments flow beautifully. 

If I have a good book (and I like to think I do), it’s undoubtedly because of her input. Outside of my own writing, and in my capacity as a copy editor, I’ve also used Lana many times as a proofer. For me, this skill requires an eagle eye, and Lana has two of them! 

I’ve always been extraordinarily happy with the end product and will continue to use her until she either goes blind or gets too busy to work with me.

Tanya Wyatt

Published Author, Your Happy Body

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