Beyond the Surface

Sharing My Heart Through Poetry

Welcome to the other side of me. Poetic language is the most powerful form of human communication. With invisible thread stronger and more delicate than anything humanly imaginable, it binds the world of rules and meaning to that place before and beyond which words exist. Where words fail, poetry does justice to the infinity within our souls.

When it comes to birthing poems, I stand in awe. I truly believe they are gifts. Each one is a journey of the heart, offering glimpses into the beauty and complexities of our shared existence. I have written about this in the preface to Flotsam and Jetsam: a half-life of poems.

On this page, I include poems that may or may not be in that collection. Some include links to blogs where you can read their backstory and/or find them on my YouTube channel.


Once, time no longer fit in a grain
Could no longer bear its truckle
to the father’s blame
And only freedom was insane

Then the sistas came

Up through cracks in raptured ooze morass
reaching plasmic limbs
wedding elemental
cleansing green heat-burrowed shame
bursting free spirit’s ecstasy
returned to source
to each enfeebled tear in petalled frond anoint
and dampened howl

Sisterhood: A collaborative journey through words and paint

“Sistas Rising” was commissioned to interpret the vibrant energy of Jane Digby’s oil painting, “Sistahood.” This unique collaboration celebrates the enduring power of connection, shared experiences, and unwavering support between sisters.

Click here to visit Jane Digby’s website and explore more of her captivating artwork.

The Healing Tree: a poem for Lalage

When I write poems, they might bubble up unbidden, sublime, and I stand in awe. But often, getting them from egg to adult is a tortuous road demanding extreme portions of sacrifice and grace — just as with children. I read somewhere that rearing teenagers is like...

Unveiling the Currents

Dip into “Flotsam and Jetsam”


One day I was humming “Let’s Twist Again”, and this poem was sparked. It speaks to our arrogant consumerist culture that has little to no awareness or concern for past and present sacrifices made for their freedom in the ongoing taming of Man’s obsession with power.

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“Belonging” is about that moment when you realise, with a great ocean-wave-drown-dump of insight, that your life is so much more than your own wandering path of half-blind choices. We’re born hard-clung to the the thin wedge of history – the vagaries of choices and rules past and present. Doing our best to become something more than the arbitrary package bestowed on us at birth.

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I remember

A simple poem about meeting up with your first love, or an old lover. I was honoured that it was selected for the table decorations for the Sisterhood exhibition at The Studio Art Gallery in Ballito.

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