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The jagged edge of peace cuts deep
twists its stiletto heel
into the wound of the forgotten soldier
then twists again.
For certain, it was his last summer
lying half rotted already, cold pain sweating
but for the hope his death might bring.


© Lana Hunneyball. All Rights Reserved.


Image: Fallen Helmet by Lana Hunneyball

One day I was humming “Let’s Twist Again”, and this poem was sparked. It speaks to our arrogant consumerist culture that has little to no awareness or concern for past and present sacrifices made for their freedom in the ongoing taming of Man’s obsession with power.

Written by Lana Hunneyball

Editor I Writer I Author I Poet

I believe in the power of words to connect, inspire, and transform.

"Life is giving birth to yourself" ~ Erich Fromm



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